Aluminum Dome Head Blind POP Rivet

Aluminum Dome Head Blind POP Rivet

High quality blind rivet, with good performance of anti-rust and anti-corrosion, sturdy and durable. It is a kind of rivet that is fixed by core-pulling inflation, can be widely applied to indoor or outdoor for plate splicing, object fastening etc. Installed with rivet gun, convenient to use.
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Dome head blind pop rivets are mainly used in applications where the rear (blind side) of the joint cannot be accessed. Round head rivets are the most common type of rivets.

Aluminum Dome Head Blind Pop Rivets leave a smooth domed head. During the installation process, the mandrel will break when it is pulled through the body of the rivet from the blind end of the application.



●Strong but low-cost fasteners

●Idear for wide application

●Provide multiple materials

●Dome head, countersunk head or large flange head style

●Can provide a paint finish that matches the surrounding color



Widely used in construction, automobile, ship, aircraft, machinery, electric equipment, furniture, etc. Especially suitable for the riveting occasions where is not convenient to adopt ordinary rivet.


When installing blind rivets, there are two things to consider:

Hole size and grip range.

Grip range is very important. If the total material thickness, including any backup washer, is less than the minimum specified grip range, the fastened connection will be loose. If the total thickness is more than the maximum, the rivet may not set correctly and strength will be compromised. 

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