Large Flange Open End Blind POP Rivets

Large Flange Open End Blind POP Rivets

Wuxi yuke environmental science & technology co.,ltd is professional manufacturer of blind rivet for over 10 years.
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Product Details

Large Flange Open End Blind POP Rivets


Rugged but lower cost fasteners

Idear for a wide range of application

Provide a variety of materials

Dome countersunk head or large flange head styles

Paint finish can be provided to match the surrounding color


Blind Rivet Installation

A blind rivet consists of two pieces that are pre-assembled: the rivet body (usually just referred to as the rivet) and inside it is the setting mandrel (commonly just called the mandrel).

Installation of blind rivets is easy:

(1) insert the rivet into a hole that passes through the items to be joined;

(2) insert the mandrel into the special installation tool;

(3) "set" the rivet by pulling on the mandrel, which creates a bulge that permanently and securely fastens the items. At a predetermined point, the exposed mandrel will break off inside the rivet.

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