Application notes for all-aluminum countersunk blind rivets

- May 31, 2019-

The all-aluminum countersunk blind rivet is a part of the riveted joint that uses its own deformation or interference connection to be riveted. It is also a building material in life. It is used for low strength, the thread diameter is less than 10MM, and the screw is screwed in. And tighten the occasion.


The screw heads of all-aluminum countersunk blind rivets are completely or partially sunk into the connected parts. This structure is often used for smooth and smooth surfaces, such as instrument surfaces. When using it, it should be noted that the surface of the all-aluminum countersunk blind rivet is not allowed to have cracks affecting the use. The top surface of the nail head is not allowed to have small metal protrusions that affect the use; it is also not allowed to have a blunt, flashing edge that affects the use. , bruises, streaks, floating rust, and flattening at the end of the rod, the coaxiality tolerance of the rivet rod is higher.


The all-aluminum countersunk head blind rivet is a type of rivet. It is also a type of core rivet that can be riveted on one side. When riveting the product, hit the rivet head with a hammer to expose the nail core, so that it can be made It is flush with the end surface of the nail head, that is, the riveting operation is completed, and the operation is very convenient, and is particularly suitable for the riveting occasion where the ordinary rivet or the blind rivet is inconvenient. It is generally suitable for riveting between connectors in various automobile manufacturing, light industrial machinery, guardrails, villa doors, gates, etc., with high quality and very wear