Blind nut fastener stainless steel manufacturing process

- Apr 24, 2019-

As a common fastening accessory, the blind nut fastener stainless steel is used in many industries, and it is often used together with other joint elbows, especially because the blind nut fastener stainless steel is resistant to materials. Corrosion, low temperature resistance, strong extension function, etc., all of which are naturally loved in the plumbing and refrigeration industry.


The blind nut fastener stainless steel is usually three kinds of processes. The stainless steel nut with low cost and low precision can be processed by the instrument lathe, but there is a defect that it is not fluctuating, the precision is not high, but the cost is low; the second process is to adopt automatic The lathe is machined with stainless steel nuts. The cam of the automatic car is designed according to different stainless steel nuts before consumption. The cam track is used to ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the stainless steel nut. It is finer, more efficient and less expensive.


The processing technology of the third type of stainless steel nut: using CNC numerical control lathe to process the blind nut fastener stainless steel, which is generally for the outer diameter of the larger stainless steel nut, the ordinary outer diameter of the stainless steel nut of more than 20 mm is mostly processed by CNC lathe, CNC There are two kinds of lathe processing, one is high-precision CNC numerical control, and the other is small numerical control has its own