Correct specification of 5052 Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet

- Nov 17, 2018-

Use 5052 Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet to install collectors, rotary seats, pull rivets, etc., should pay attention to the parameter range during operation, do not overload work.

We must pay attention to the tightening of the mandrel to avoid slipping. Collect a certain amount and clean it up in time to avoid damage to the rivet gun. When installing the 5052 Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet personal safety is the most important. Do not point the gun at others to avoid personal injury.

5052 Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet has the highest flexibility in bending in the thickness direction, and the stability of the rivet in the thickness direction needs to be checked. For the second riveting, the lower end can be fixed, and the upper end can only be translated without rotating. Since the 5052 aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet is short, the compliance is generally less than the flexibility of the corresponding material limit.