Design principle and riveting method of sealed blind rivets

- Jul 19, 2019-

Sealed blind rivets use different sealing methods to prevent gas or liquid from leaking from the inside of the riveted part in the structure where leakage resistance, oil leakage, water leakage and corrosion protection are required. The sealing riveting includes riveting with an additional sealant at the surface of the rivet joint, riveting and interference fit riveting with a sealant or sealing element at the rivet.

The interference fit riveting of the sealed blind rivets needs to be controlled under the condition that the nail and the hole are matched with the gap before the riveting. When the riveting, the upsizing of the nail rod is properly controlled, so that the hole wall is swollen and swollen, and a certain uniformity is formed after the riveting. The amount of interference; while double-sided riveting is to get riveted from the two sides close to the workpiece.