Performance characteristics of open end dome head stainless steel blind rivets

- Nov 05, 2019-

The open end dome head stainless steel blind rivet is a high-strength rivet joint fastener with high strength, high smoothness, bright and smooth riveted surface, no rust point, stable and reliable rivet surface, and flat surface of the rivet surface.

What are the performance characteristics of the the stainless steel blind rivets?

First, high temperature resistance, because the stainless steel hardness is relatively strong, the production of the pull nail is more resistant to salt spray, and can work normally under high temperature.

Second, there is a higher rate of electricity, stainless steel pull nails have a much higher electricity rate than carbon steel.

Third, the ability is strong, can meet people's work needs.

Fourth, there will be no rust and corrosion, and the mechanical properties are relatively strong.

Open end dome head stainless steel blind rivets are suitable for: food machinery, kitchen appliances, home decoration, pharmaceutical equipment, machinery and equipment, elevators, various light industrial machinery equipment, fitness equipment, sculpture, crafts, gifts and other industries.