Polishing process of aluminum hardware open type blind rivet

- Mar 01, 2019-

Aluminum hardware open type blind rivets not only require environmental protection, durability, good mechanical properties, but also require a bright and beautiful appearance. The electropolishing treatment can just meet the polishing and brightening of the aluminum hardware open type  blind rivets. The aluminum hardware open type  blind rivets that have been electrolytically polished have not only beautiful appearance, but also the new electrolytic polishing liquid meets environmental protection requirements and meets the market requirements. At the same time of various needs, it will bring infinite business opportunities to more businesses and manufacturers.

The open blind rivet polishing of aluminum hardware is divided into manual polishing and electrolytic polishing. In contrast, the electropolishing operation is convenient, the effect is high, the cost is low, and it can be thrown to the dead angle that can not be thrown by artificial polishing, so it is used in production as much as possible. Electropolishing process.

Electropolishing is the reverse behavior of electroplating. The remaining amount of 1-5 filaments can be removed on the surface of the workpiece. Electropolishing is performed under the action of electrolyte and current. The important principle is that the micro-peak is preferentially removed, and the macro contour of the workpiece is removed. It will not be changed, and the surface light will be obtained directly from the electrolytic cell to reduce or even avoid the heavy workload of manual polishing.

The aluminum hardware open type  blind rivet has a passivation layer on the surface after electrolytic polishing to improve corrosion resistance. Effectively removes burrs, improves corrosion resistance, anti-fingerprint effect, and increases brightness, making the aluminum hardware open  type blind rivet surface look more comfortable and beautiful.