Seal end blind rivet

- Jan 17, 2019-

Closed rivet is also called seal end blind rivet. Closed rivet is a new type of blind rivet fastener. Closed rivet not only has the characteristics of easy to use, high efficiency, low noise, reduced labor intensity, etc. of blind rivet, but also has the characteristics of good tightness of connecting piece and no rust in the rivet core of closed rivet after riveting. Closed rivets can be divided into flat head closed rivets ( closed flat head blind rivets ) and countersunk head closed rivets ( closed countersunk head blind rivets ) according to the shape of the rivet cap after riveting. Closed rivets can be widely used in various fastening fields such as vehicles, ships, machinery manufacturing, electronic industry, instrumentation, food machinery, medical equipment, construction, decoration engineering, etc. 


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