Specific use of button head blind rivets

- Feb 16, 2019-

A button head blind rivet is a rivet that can be inserted into a perforated element to be riveted and placed close to only one side of the apertured element. A cylindrical sleeve having a prefabricated radial head at one end thereof and a stem extending through the sleeve, the stem having a stem head near the trailing end of the sleeve.

In use, the button head blind rivet is inserted into the hole of the riveted element until the sleeve head contacts the closer element and the sleeve tail extends from the farther element. In order to secure the button head blind rivet, the sleeve head is supported by the support and the stem is then pushed in such that the stem head presses the sleeve against the support and causes the sleeve to axially contract and at least a portion of which expands radially A blocked head is formed that clamps the component together with the prefabricated head.

At least a portion of the stem adjacent the stem of the stem is retained in the sleeve to fill the sleeve after the rivet is secured. The remainder of the stem is knocked out to prevent it from protruding out of the casing head. This is usually achieved by providing a frangible neck at a suitable location on the stem.