The Magic Blind Rivet

- Oct 31, 2018-

Blind rivets are core rivets. English is called "Blind rivet", literal translation is "blind rivet", it is this understanding: blind rivet Before the appearance of rivets (that is, solid rivets), need to use a hammer and other tools, from the riveting obverse both sides simultaneously operation. And after the invention of core rivet, can be obverse from the side of riveting can be completed, can be "blind" operation, so the inventor of Mr. White named "Blind Rivet".

Today, I will tell you about the magic of this small series. First of all, such rivets are particularly suitable for the use of ordinary rivets (must be riveted from both sides) riveting occasions, it is widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, electrical appliances, furniture and other products.

One of the most widely used open-type oblate head pulling nails, countersunk head pulling nails for the performance needs to be smooth riveting occasions, closed core pulling nails for the requirements with a high load and a certain sealing performance of the riveting occasions. This solves a lot of other rivets can not reach the connection, it is also convenient for a lot of riveting process, so that the complex connection becomes simple and easy to operate. And with the development of various riveting tools, the use of blind rivets has become more and more easy, can be manually operated to meet the needs of small-scale production of low-cost, can also be riveted by a fully automatic riveting machine to meet the demand for large-scale production saving labor. It can be said that the invention of blind rivets, so that the development of the industry a step closer, so that more ideas become a reality, convenient production, but also changed our lives.