What are the categories of riveter

- Oct 31, 2018-

As the main equipment for riveting, rivet gun can be divided into pistol-type, closed-type, straight-type and curved type according to the shape.

Riveter application of different occasions, the choice of the model also corresponding to the change. Riveter models should be selected according to the rivet material, diameter and product structure. Usually the material is hard, the diameter of the rivet should choose the big power rivet gun.

Rivet guns that can be used with aluminum rivets can generally be used with steel rivets, but the diameter of the steel rivet needs to be reduced by a size corresponding to the diameter of the aluminum rivet.

(1) Manual pull Riveter is mainly composed of hand, gun body, switch and pipe fittings, the hole in the front of the gun body, can be installed according to the need of a variety of rivet cover die or punch, for riveting or punching nail operation. When the rivet gun is used, the mask is usually tied to the handle with a thin wire to prevent the piston from slipping out when the gun is removed from the gun body by the cover die.

The riveting process should be slow and fast, first slow is to make the nail rod upsetting and fill the nail hole, and then quickly complete the forming of the rivet upsetting head.

(2) pneumatic pull rivet gun riveting gun is a cold riveting equipment, is the use of 0.6MPa of high-pressure air as the power to propel the piston in the wind gun fast round-trip movement, and hit the installed on the wind muzzle of the rivet mold, in a sharp hammering completed riveting. This gun is mainly used for the riveting connection of the hollow rivet and the mandrel. Pull riveting work, pull riveting gun will be the heart of the heart stick clamp, and the end of the gun against the rivet head, pull the riveting gun back pull, so that the heart rod convex shoulder part of the rivet produced compression deformation, and the formation of Rivet head. At the same time, the diameter of the mandrel is pulled, and the rest of the mandrel is pulled out. The riveting gun is suitable for the connection of light construction.