Bulb Blind Rivet

- May 13, 2019-

5.2*19.1mm Lantern rivets are also called folding rivets-bulb blind rivet . They are constructed on one side. The rivet plates are thick, wide and have sealing function. When the rivet is installed and used, the rivet body is deformed into a lantern shape, and the rivet body forms three large folding legs which are distributed over a large area and disperse the load of the riveting surface; So that the lantern rivet can be riveted on large holes or irregularly shaped holes or fragile or soft materials. When the lantern rivet is riveted, the nail core is locked, and the left nail core increases the strength of the rivet and has great tensile and shear resistance. The waterproof lantern rivet adds a waterproof function, and a rubber gasket is added to the riveting surface to prevent water or other liquid from penetrating from below the brim of the rivet cap, thus playing a waterproof role.