Closed End POP Rivet Aluminum

- Mar 13, 2019-

Item: Closed End POP Rivet Aluminum

Material: Aluminium  / carbon steel mandrel

Finsh :polish /zinc plated

Packing:box packing,bulk packing .or small package.

Key words:blind rivet .dome head blind rivet


Advantage of Closed End POP Rivet Aluminum

It is also called waterproof blind rivet . Closed end head pop rivet is suitable for riveting and lifting with smooth surface. It has consistent clamping force. It is used for riveting occasions requiring high load and certain sealing performance. It is a kind of high-strength riveting and connecting fastener with high strength, high finish, bright and durable riveting surface, no rust spots, stable and reliable riveting surface, flat riveting surface and other characteristics. Open round head stainless steel pull rivet is widely used in food machinery, kitchen utensils, high-grade decoration, pharmaceutical equipment, medical equipment, elevators, various high-grade light industrial machinery equipment, fitness equipment, sculpture, handicrafts, gifts and other industries requiring flat riveting surface.

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