Fasteners - Used for Fastening Parts/ Rivet/The Hollow Rivet/Blind Rivet

- May 09, 2019-

1,First of all, the role of rivets is mainly riveting, for the connection between the plates, to play a tightening effect.

2,The brake pad is wobbling. If you are worried about the rivet, check to see if the rivet is loose. If it's not loose, it's not a rivet problem.

3,If there is a loose, it may be the rivet model specifications and holes do not match, then change the rivet on the right.

4,Rivet installation: drill a hole matching the size of a rivet on the frame steel plate with an electric drill and use a special nail remover or riveter.

5,Finally, the rivets are made of aluminum, which is available in the metal shop as well as the tool shop in the repair shop.